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Twitter Web App : Still playing #Bayonetta middle of chapter XIII and my hands hurt and I have to sleep and it’s 4 In the damn morning but this damn dragon with the face that I have to kill with my weave. Smh. Give it another go in the morning #gamer respect to the experts I need emotional support

Twitter Web App : BIDEN: I tell ya kid, the Earth has 4 corners and simultaneous 4 day. Time cube. In only 24 hour rotation. 4 corner days, cubes 4 quad earth. No 1 day god. Free speech in America is bullshit. Evil educators. Dumb ass educator fear me and hide from debate. Joe Biden dot com

iPhone : caitlin cristin i thought you meant like the concierge at your building and i was like whats the problem go down to the lobby and bang hot conceirge guy and then i was like wow she must live in a really fancy building

TweetDeck : 今までどんなに生活時間が狂ってもイベントとか外仕事で無理やりリセットできてたけどそれが消えたことにより狂いっぱなしですごいことになっている、さっき起きました、おはようございます

Twitter Web App : NESS ONLY BRACKET. Winner gets a spot in the 8 man invitational happening in a couple weeks, top 16 starting rn

iPhone : お蕎麦の茹で時間、袋には5分って書いてあるけどもうちょっと短めがいいかもな〜て思って試しに4分33秒にしてみたらめちゃくちゃちょうどよかった