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Android : i usually don’t mention this since i don’t want praise for doing the bare minimum, but i have donated in the past, i have donated this time, and i will keep donating until the racist violence and systemic oppression ends. you can too.

Black Lives Matter.

Android : they’re all owned by sinclair brodcasting station…

Android : Should people want to help the community, it should be clear now that becoming an officer of the law is counterintuitive to that goal. pick something else. blue lives don't exist. they are an armor worn to protect oneself against accountability for terrorism.

Android : blue lives are not lives. they are a series of conscious decisions to willfully engage in oppression and fear. as long as cops are given the tools and freedom to wield that power in order to strike fear, cops should not be trusted.I

Android : if the media has shown you anything in spite of how it tries to spin things, it is that cops are scared right now, because they realize operating on fear and displays of power doesn't work when people have had enough.

Android : The images of cops taking the protesters' side is one of two things: abberations in the formula, or bad faith actors. cops aren't walking away from this unscathed no matter which ones could be fleetingly described as "good" now that a visible mass of them have resisted peace.

Android : cops have fired on journalists, medics, the elderly, kids, people sitting on their porch, grocery shoppers, flashing white power symbols.

cops are all about striking fear into you right now.

the protests where cops stay out of the way have remained peaceful.

Android : cops have been caught inciting riots these past few days. cops have been caught going undercover to be the "bad actors" so many folks are complaining about when it comes to protests.

cops are singlehandedly responsible for the escalation into the riots.

Android : cops have been using fear tactics and displays of power to try and assert themselves as a force to be obeyed since pretty much their inception in this country.

if you want terrorists, there's a federally organized and sanctioned group right there.

Android : [RT are appeciated] the #drawingwhileblack directory is now updated !✨ This is a great resource to find a black artists in fields like Illustration,Animation, Graphic Design, Comics,etc! please check it out!…

Android : today in dnd we all thought we were going to die and then stinky saved the day but now everyone is in hell and level 1 and all their gear has disappeared and anyway stinky has abandoned conjuration in favor of necromancy because she has too many bad influences

TweetDeck : NYPD officers just drove an SUV into a crowd of human beings. They could‘ve killed them, &we don’t know how many they injured.

NO ONE gets to slam an SUV through a crowd of human beings.

Mayor Bill de Blasio these officers need to be brought to justice, not dismissed w/“internal reviews.”…

TweetDeck : I saw this on tumblr and wanted to share the links it had, since its the most comprehensive collection Ive seen yet
link 1:…
link 2:…

TweetDeck : due to overwhelming support for MFF, we will be sending money to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund.
Solidarity with Protesters🌐…