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Twitter Web App : Bart Stewart Bo Winegard How about "grudging half-acceptance?"

No one study is the be-all-end-all, but if I can't find a reason to doubt the study (design flaw, lack of ability to extrapolate to a larger sample etc) then I def have to consider that it may be true and that I need to change my view.

Twitter Web App : ZUBY: Most people on this site who claim that their opinions are based on "the science" are almost entirely incapable of defending their beliefs from a science-based critique.

Twitter Web App : normalice CNN "The data you presented showed a correlation between reduced cases and mask mandates."

No, it does not. You could only think that if you have confirmation bias and you ignore all the states with mask mandates and not good covid stats.

Twitter Web App : normalice CNN Yes some of them undoubtedly died of some other cause (entirely or primarily), but that would only matter if you believe that mask mandate states were more likely than non mask mandate states to be inflating the # of covid deaths.

Do you have reason to believe that?

Twitter Web App : normalice CNN "Why does it need to be recent?"

What you maybe don't realize is that scientific "certainty" that masks DEFINITELY work was based mainly on theoretical models.

Well see then we actually ran the experiment in real life, the results of which is what I've been showing you.

Twitter Web App : normalice CNN Because thats how REAL WORLD data works, it changes over time.

Well will ya look at that? 13 of the states in the top 20 states with the worst death rates had / have a mask mandate!……

Twitter Web App : normalice CNN Ok cool, bra, yup this is all just "far right" lies.

Because any inconvenient info is obvy just "far right" propaganda,

Ok, this is now thoroughly tiresome.


Twitter Web App : normalice CNN LOL when the numbers are doing well it's the genius politicians and public health officials who get the credit, and then when the numbers suck it's the stupid fucking hoi polloi (probably Trumpers!)