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Android : Aaron Imo, if the Union fragments, hopefully it can be blamed on the Tories. Because in the short term, there's no stopping this. Keir starmer, anas Sarwar, Gordon brown, none of them can do anything because the Tories have been in Westminster for 10 years. Maybe they can come 2nd tho

Android : Aaron There is a 99.99% SNP will landslide the election. There's literally nothing Scottish Labour can do. It's like saying the green party can win the 2024 election if they try

Android : Elliot 🌹 Yeah I know it was really disappointing to hear, but apparently she completely disagrees with her dad and doesn't even talk to him. Nobody can control who they're born to, you can control who you are.

Android : β˜… polo! β˜† Same for some people when they look back at their past few months and see how disgustingly they gave procastinated, it motives them, but for me it makes me more stressed depressed and anxious :(

Android : Elliot 🌹 The things is tho, the Tory party was once considered an elite royalist establishnent posh party during those times (not in a good way). Now it's a cheap lying dodgy trumpist dog whistle party with no shame.

Android : Aaron πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Gosh man. Richard Burgon is like a negative to labour, as in labour would be actively better of without him.

Android : Patrick Dixon These MPs earn Β£80K salaries, zarah sultana is fresh out of uni. She hasn't even had a proper job. Why the fuck are these people allowed to claim extra expenses for phones and TVs and shit. Fucking hell man.