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iPhone : phil schofield just admitted the slot for black lives matter was cut short in this morning because of madeleine mccann, if this doesn’t speak volumes to you then i don’t know what to tell you. the timings of this revelation of a new suspect is too suspicious


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iPhone : Ok, you’ve clapped for the NHS. You’ve signed some BLM petitions & might go to a protest. But are you going to vote the conservatives out at the next election?

iPhone : The only reason that British white people think we are less racist than Americans is because our history syllabus is: 1066, Some Kings, SKIP THE RACIST BITS, The Big Wars We Won.

iPhone : The marketisation of our education system has been disastrous for students and staff alike.

But what is the future of free & fair education and how do we fight for it?

Join us tonight @ 8pm to hear from NUS UK President Z.I on this very question!…

iPhone : I have lost everything my job, my housing and my reputation I have been called every vile name imaginable & presented as a monster by the media for daring to speak about Joe Biden and what happened in 1993.
I have lost all that & more but I am free.

iPhone : You can, in the U.K. education system, go from 7-21 studying history and never have to go into any depth into Britain’s role in colonising and depriving whole continents of rights and resources.

This is a glaring hole in our children’s education. 7/?

iPhone : The government response to the conversion therapy ban petition is so underwhelming.

No commitment to a timeline. No sense of urgency.

Please sign the petition. If we reach 100,000 signatures MPs can debate and hold the government to account…

iPhone : This mental health awareness week we must highlight the impact of coronavirus.

From health staff on the front lines to those suffering in isolation. We need better support for people's mental well-being.

Mental health deserves better investment and parity with physical health.

iPhone : jeff bezos set to become the first trillionaire meanwhile 33 million americans just filed for unemployment forcing 27 million people off their health insurance

iPhone : Working class people voted for a party that wants domestic cleaners and nannies to go back to work as a matter of priority because, as Edwina Curry says, ‘they’re keeping your house clean and that’s hygienic’. What a bloody disgrace.

iPhone : This is powerful stuff. Tara says Joe Biden is the one who should take a polygraph and that she will happily do so too but that “I am not a criminal.”…