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Bio former fat teacher | owner - Anyman Fitness | father | husband | 5k+ clients coached | freebies and guides at link below
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iPhone : Nick Sorrell Matt Dustin I can’t imagine having my daughter look down my pants, laugh at my penis size and then I return the favor by pulling her shirt down and looking down her blouse while laughing.

Well intentioned? Take off those rosy glasses bruh...

iPhone : Kids will still go to Harvard.

Numbers may dip, but nothing extraordinary.

You don’t go to Harvard for the classes.

You go to Harvard for the elite networking opportunities, and that won’t change.

Twitter Web App : I have 2 daughters.

This is child sexual abuse on film.

If I knew these people, I would report this to the authorities immediately.

It's revolting that anyone finds this remotely entertaining. twitter.com/MarkyHutt/stat…

iPhone : Weighing my food was the best nutritional decision I’ve ever made. Even if you don’t want to do it forever, give it a couple months just to realize the differences of amounts of food. twitter.com/anymanfitness/…

Twitter Web App : Hungry when dieting?

Looking for a healthy snack?

How about water?

You're going to have discomfort when dieting. It's best to find other ways to deal with your short term uncomfortableness.

Twitter Web App : My new book, Cold Email Assassins, is available for pre-order

If you’re struggling to get clients with cold emails, my book will walk you through a step-by-step plan

Once the pre-order copies sell out, the price with double from $15 to $30 USD


Twitter Web App : Ryan Stephens 🥃 I know you don't talk about salary and all that shit, but I was in my 12th year teaching, I had a Master's Degree, I was at a great district... and I made $51k.

It's a travesty, honestly.

Twitter Web App : The next time someone becomes irate at politics and their life gets better as a result of it will be the first time it ever happens.

Twitter Web App : Sometimes I get asked:

"What does it feel like to not be teaching any more?"

I respond that I actually am still a teacher

I simply teach fitness instead of math and I get paid fair market value instead of being limited by government funds

If only real teachers had this option