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Bio Former this, former that. I teach English at an elementary school. I mostly tweet about education and culture.
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Twitter Web App : Nerd Alert: I learned the linguistic term "monophthongization" from this amazing video. If you're anything like me (or even if you're not), you might also fall in love with the way Erik Singer flows from accent to accent with a snap of a finger. Oh, and Sunn mCheaux, wow!…

Twitter Web App : GoPro I have an Android, running version 10. I did manage to get the app to see the camera, but after I entered the password that I'd entered in the earlier setup, the app authentication didn't recognize the password. Now it won't see the camera again.

Twitter Web App : GoPro Help? I bought an older #GoPro Hero3. I can't pair it with my phone app. I followed your directions at… and updated the camera. I tell the camera to use wifi with the app, but the app can't find it. Now what?

Twitter Web App : I updated my bio here. #babysteps…

Twitter Web App : I know of morgan james through her work with Postmodern Jukebox (which I've seen live twice, I don't remember if she was in those tours) and I just discovered her 2018 cover of the entire Beatles #WhiteAlbum. It's on Spotify. Cool.

Android : Phil Gerbyshak You ask about strategies and tactics. You're a marketer so that makes sense. I left the marketing world so those terms are meaningless to me.

Twitter is a place where I read news headlines, see what's trending, and the rest is unclear right now.

Android : Thinking about how I want to use Twitter...

What do I want to share? What frequency?

How often to tweet like this vs retweeting others vs replying in an existing conversation?

Who do I want to follow to add more voices of inspiration to my feed?

Android : Before I deleted tweets older than a month, I frequently received trollish replies from tweets I wrote years ago. How many trolls care to retweet?…

Android : Observing that Bill Gates restricts Twitter replies to people he mentions in his tweets. He gets retweets and likes but hardly any replies.

Maybe I should do that more often? #Rules #NoRules #IDontGetIt #Maybe

Android : Sonny Hashmi I read about your new role with the GSA. Congrats! I remember meeting you in 2007ish when I led social media talks in DC. And, it's cool you'll share agency footprints with Katy Kale who I briefly met years ago as her uncle and my dad worked in the same law office.

Twitter Web App : Cody Keenan I can't find a Twitter handle for Mr. Reddy, whether him specifically or for the speechwriting team. Maybe that's the point, to operate behind the scenes and not be tagged in tweets?