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Bio Polymer chemist at a 3D printing company. Also spent some quality time studying bombardier beetles. All views are my own. He/him/his
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Android : Finding twitter exhausting with all the coverage of protesting and #BLM ?

Try living the life of someone always profiled, looked at with suspicion, discriminated against by society, medical research, the healthcare system, and 100 ways more.

Now that shit is exhausting.

Android : In support of #BlackAndSTEM and all marginalized people, we at C&EN have decided to forego our planned social posts in favor of those more relevant to our communities above. Please send all comments or suggestions through DM or email us at cenprojects@acs.org

Android : David McAtee, 53, beloved son, community member, small business owner, murdered by police during protests against police murdering black people. What do you even say at this point? What do you even say? twitter.com/shutupaida/sta…

Android : US Troops may be subordinated to Governors & supplement local police BUT THEY CANNOT FIRE ON CITIZENS WANTONLY. THEY ARE OBLIGATED TO DISOBEY UNLAWFUL ORDERS to de-escalate violence. Report any talk of violating your duty. twitter.com/wajahatali/sta…

Android : Can we be clear about something? 1 pm isn’t a curfew. It is a shutdown. Something LA just recently insisted wasn’t important enough to keep doing for a virus that’s killed thousands of Angelenos in three months. twitter.com/cnn/status/126…

Android : #Merck #ProteinEngineering is hiring. We are looking for #scientists with expertise in #molecularbiology, #biochemistry, #automation, and #NGS. #proteindesign #synbio #ml



Android : Friendly reminder that if you serve on a jury for a trial of someone arrested in the riots, you can refuse to convict them and you never have to tell anyone why, not even your own fellow jurors.