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iPhone : BEYONCÉ Ivy Park where is it? Just saying. A girl can dream, right? I’m going to wear it when I go on that #spaceship 😉 🚀 👩🏾‍🚀! I know you just ran out of the first box so I’m over here waiting on this new collection. Okkkk. 😉 🤞🏾 🤩 #IvyParkXAdidas #ThisIsMyPark twitter.com/weareivypark/s…

iPhone : When you forget your bonnet is on bc you been zooming since March and the zoom is so 🔥 you just get on and be INSPIRED! #zoomlife 🤷🏽‍♀️ #genZwatching 👀 👏🏾 😂 twitter.com/astrostarbrigh…

iPhone : Absolutely enjoyed this town hall. Thank you PS27 Ventures! I hope to see more of these! And don’t forget us youth bc we are watching you adults, being inspiring by you and definitely standing our your giant shoulders to one day LEAD! #blackleadership #jaxtownhall #genZwatching

iPhone : If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants! This quote is so true that FIS Denise Williams stated on PS27 Ventures #jaxtownhall. I know I continue to stand on those shoulders as well! #blackleadershipmatters

iPhone : I had to get another sheet of paper to get all these words of wisdom from FIS Denise Williams.
Check them out below.
Take advantage of every interaction.
Every relationship you can learn from it.
Find those giants!
Mentors are key!
PS27 Ventures

iPhone : To see two black leaders Mr Stallings and Ms Williams both who also came from IBM and in my city of Jax is amazing. 🤩 I‘m grateful to have had the opportunity to experience IBM Live last year as it’s youngest black youth speaker bc #inclusionmatters. #jaxtownhall #genZ #LEAD

iPhone : Leading with inclusiveness is key. I love that FIS Denise Williams is talking about it. You can be diverse all day but you or your company have to be inclusive. #jaxtownhall #blackleadershipjax #inclusionmatters #RepresentationMatters #DiversityMatters

iPhone : “You have the opportunity to learn in every circumstance. You have to determine the type of person you want to be!” Denise Williams
Love this and her! #jaxtownhall #BlackWomenLead #genZ #RepresentationMatters

iPhone : “You have to work hard. Life is not fair not equal; we cannot allow racism to hold us back!” (Period!) Mark Dawkins (I added the period! 😉) #jaxtownhall #blackleadershipjax #genZwatching

iPhone : Tenikka Smith Hughes Yes ma’am. I’m truly working on that for my last few years of high school. Thank you for being such an inspiration to those who look like me and those who don’t. I think the best thing I learned from your talk is to be you and know your worth matters no matter what. Blessings.