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iPhone : #JeanLucBrunel is on the run. As attention turns to associates of the now-deceased Epstein, the French scout is back in the headlines & is being accused by models of abuse, trafficking and rape. If you have any information about his whereabouts contact getbrunel.com

iPhone : Absolutely... yesterday is not soon enough.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn Calls For Ilhan Omar To Resign From Congress Over Recent Comments - NEWS educationblogit.blogspot.com/2020/07/sen-ma…

iPhone : Armed St. Louis homeowner who defended home from protesters absolutely demolishes Christopher C. Cuomo.

This is a must-watch.

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iPhone : I was asked probably 12 questions on the Confederate flag... I didnt receive one question on the deaths in this country this weekend. ... I didnt receive one question about 5 children who were killed.

This is how Kayleigh McEnany ended todays press briefing today.


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iPhone : I have a crazy idea, but stick with me...

Why don't we just exchange all the pro-liberty Hong Kong protesters for our socialist and communist "comrades" who are so unhappy here?

The citizens of Hong Kong get freedom. Antifa gets communism. Everyone wins.

iPhone : Please California..... Vote for DeAnna in November.

You have to look no further than her district to see her years of failure..... but Pelosi’s damage nationwide is tremendous. twitter.com/deanna4congres…

iPhone : Almost every piece that says the administration is "ignoring science" on the school openings fails to mention that the American Pediatric Association supports school openings.

iPhone : Why didn’t Cuomo use the Ship and the Javits Center for nursing home Covid-19 patients?

He did not want any credit going to President Trump. His hatred for Trump outweighed the lives of thousands of elderly.

iPhone : .Peter Navarro on #Hydroxychloroquine: “It’s $11 for the complete cycle.” “Remdesivir...its $3,000. Its crazy. Big pharma likes to sell that. They dont like to sell $11 medicine. And theres some politics involved in some of that.” Newsmax

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