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Twitter Web App : Shareef is stir crazy All time fave. It's so funny to me to look back on this and see now how much of the joy in my life is basically just me and my friends telling stories together the way these characters did.

Twitter Web App : Danny Valdes Go through the tutorial, maybe twice, and then set yourself small goals: "During this character's life, I'm going to upgrade all the holdings I have." "During this character's life, I'm going to learn how to fabricate claims and declare war on people." etc.

Twitter Web App : on today, international podcast day, please listen to this podcast in which they play my extremely good game. it features a large dragon and a man named doctor moonlock powerbomb. the man is literally a dog…

Twitter Web App : Here’s science fiction writer and critic Samuel Delany talking about politics in criticism in 1987. The overall interview is about cyberpunk, and this is his explanation of how the genre could be co-opted by normative politics. Worth thinking about this in re: CYBERPUNK 2077.

Twitter Web App : etching "the best mecha anime of 2020" into every friends at the table mp3 that we send out for the rest of the season. crunchyroll said so, that makes it real.

Twitter Web App : "There’s sadness, hilarity, amazing fights, and scene after show-stopping scene where members of the cast commit fully to their characters to make impossible choices."


iPhone : Black Andrew XXVIII We throw the term around a lot, but in general there is a specific meaning to it, at least in the US. Centrists tends to believe in equality of opportunity (not often outcome), and that the best way to pursue that goal is through establishing and managing a global marketplace.

Twitter Web App : them, reaping: now hold on, in civil society we all get to talk. let's see what the phrenologists have to say for themselves

them, sowing: This Is An Outrage, Sir. Where is your decency? Where are your calipers? Without proper tools, you simply cannot call yourself a scientist.