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Twitter Web App : Keep going. Keep changing the conversation, keep changing the world. #blacklivesmatter Black Lives Matter May Be the Largest Movement in U.S. Historyโ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : Robert Kelley The most important thing you can do is talk to your Paladin's player about this! Given the content of this scenario, their involvement in the outocme is paramount. The choice should be intriguing and exciting for them, even if it's about their character stumbling.

Twitter Web App : like austin walker said, That awareness always gets balanced against the desire to make something special, to participate in the universes that enthralled past versions of yourself.

Twitter Web App : I donโ€™t know Orion. But a lot of black creatives I know (and many I donโ€™t) are fielding what Iโ€™ve taken to calling RFBs. Requests for Blackness.

And, as many have said, we BEEN here. Weโ€™re not stupid or naive. We know why youโ€™re reaching out now.

Twitter Web App : GENESTAR Natalie I spent half of the 2010s doing this with every ounce of my being, and it left me really busted up, and frankly, unsure that anything actually changed.

Twitter Web App : You can bring some gifts over to the housewarming, suggest some decorations, maybe even help decide between a few paint colors, definitely DO the wallpapering. But unless you're a stakeholder, you can't make real additions, you can't change the frame, you can't fix the foundation

Twitter Web App : Orion's treatment at WOTC (read here:โ€ฆ) has me thinking hard about the way our generation was pushed to 'change things from the inside.' With that goal in mind, you do so much work to get invited in. But when the house ain't yours, you can't remodel it.

Twitter Web App : i have finally finished going through the itch io racial justice bundle. here is every single TTRPG, sorted by playstyle (GM, no GM, pair, solo), with engines notated. please do not ask how long this took me.โ€ฆ

iPhone : Being able to shine light on really good independent tabletop rpgs (and inspire folks to make their own) has been one of the most rewarding things about @friends_table.

Whether you are part of a show or just play with your friends, please support indie RPGs and not just D&D.โ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : adam x kuhn I didn't draw the dichotomy at all, I'm saying that is the dichotomy put forward by the rhetoric around "nonlethal" and "less lethal" weapons, and it's the dichotomy that you seem happy to stay in.

Twitter Web App : Marc Therrien Heather Alexandra I don't really follow Jason's moves day to day, but it's deeply disingenous to suggest that it's somehow hard to distinguish what one journo does from what the rest do. Like saying that someone on the Bulls being an asshole means the whole NBA is fucked. You know better than this

Twitter Web App : The rhetoric of "a more effective taser" draws the reader in until they've accepted that invisible black suffering is preferable to visible black death. Don't walk down that path.

Twitter Web App : Not only does the pursuit of simple 'technological fixes' anxiously sidestep the need to address deepseated sociomaterial problems, but it also rushes towards consequences either unpredictable or unacceptable to any except those in power.โ€ฆ