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Android : They still need to be arrested and charged with at least a homocide. The fifth Amendment is immaterial to this. #GeorgeFloydWasMurdered

Android : Tense situation developing in #Minneapolis as several police vehicles enter area with large group of #protesters. #GeorgeFloyd protest.

Android : Minneapolis mayor #JacobFrey shows real #leadership that is badly lacking at the national level. The leadership at the national level is too divisive, too hate filled, and too #corrupt. America can do better and deserve better.

Android : Instead of #Trump making a personal statement on the #COVID-19 #Deathtoll and new milestone of 100,000 people, the#WhiteHouse reaction was this written statement. Trump MIA in his war against the invisible enemy.

Twitter Web App : Disturbing to note that #Trump made a big deal out of a #ColinKaepernick taking a knee to protest #PoliceBrutality, but when a police officer takes a knee on #GeorgeFloyds neck and kills him Trump has not uttered a word about this shocking incident.

Android : As much as #Trump likes to brag about big numbers, this is one big number he wont brag about. Instead he is going to hide from it and try to down play it and use false equivalence to describe it if he has to tslk about it. 100 000 #COVID-19 deaths could have been avoided.

Android : It is not surprising, but more disturbing that #Trump has not said a word about shocking killing of #GeorgeFloyd by the police.

Android : Who is to blame for this the man who declared war on the #InvisibleEnemy. That man is #Trump and his blaming others is totally unacceptable because we saw the glaring failures on his part.

Android : This is one of the many reasons why #Trump has been ineffective in mitigating #COVID-19 and why the #Deathtoll is now 100,000 and still climbing.