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iPhone : “Nobody could have ever predicted a pandemic of this proportion.”

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iPhone : Good one. I’d done both. I’ve stayed strict on my vision - and lost a project. I’ve compromised too much - and lost a project. There’s no hard and fast rule. Main thing? Follow your gut. You’ll know. And if you mess up, you’ll know better for next time. It’s all information. 🙏🏾 twitter.com/mia_obscure/st…

iPhone : I don’t make my work thinking about helping white people understand. Sometimes folks get it. Sometimes they don’t. That can’t be my concern. I’d drive myself in circles. I can’t and won’t do that. Because I have somewhere to go - and circles won’t get me there. twitter.com/bkhl0/status/1…

iPhone : It was my pleasure, David. Thanks for offering this class to aspiring story artists of color this summer. And thanks to all the participants for asking such fabulous questions. As promised, I’ll answer a few more now under #AVASAC. xo twitter.com/knightsofthesu…

iPhone : Thousands of protesters surround Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu's residence. twitter.com/i/events/12921…

iPhone : Protest? Nah. Let me fix it for you.

Approx 400 Trump supporters have a rally in the street with Beverly Hills Police escort and support. twitter.com/beverlyhillspd…

iPhone : This hurt to read. A heaviness settled in my chest. Because I know the feelings of this family.

For those who don’t know the feeling, consider what this might be. Feel that.

Then, actively look at the SYSTEMS around you that make it so.

Then, defund and dismantle them. twitter.com/choo_ek/status…

iPhone : NEW: Last week, aides and advisers began pondering possible executive actions Trump could take to curb mail-in voting — everything from directing the postal service to not deliver certain ballots to stopping local officials from counting them

iPhone : This is madness. Are we gonna let this happen?


1) Follow PFAW.

2) Call (1-844-230-5065) your senators to pass the $25b in emergency Postal Service funding already passed by the House in the COVID relief bill.

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