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iPhone : The reason you don’t see cops shutting down Kkk rallies is the same reason you don’t see Batman and Bruce Wayne in the same room.

iPhone : Truly being a fan of Beyoncé, her work, her music, and all that she has meant to you means acknowledging that she can and should do more.

iPhone : unemployed college students are literally on a donating spree while celebrities are wiping the sweat off their forehead after just posting “BLM” on their IG story

iPhone : “y’all protesting the wrong way”

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iPhone : it’s BLACK ppl on this app crying about ppl looting stores.. the same stores that follow you around when you trying to shop in that bitch, FOH

iPhone : My heart breaks for the family and loved ones of George Floyd. Feelings of admiration and solidarity toward those protesting the brutality and anti-black racism that led to his death and the deaths of countless others. Love and respect from Ireland. Beidh an bua agaibh 🖤

iPhone : i don’t think ANYONE is looking to y’all for leadership. we’re asking y’all to use your PLATFORM and INFLUENCE to spread awareness. we’re asking y’all to put the money that the BLACK community puts in your pockets to DONATE. we’re asking you to ELEVATE and AMPLIFY our voices.…

iPhone : But I absolutely agree that celebrities are capable of escalating the spread of misinformation, so definitely let’s not look to them (unless they’ve already illustrated that they are indeed about that ACTION) for any sort of truth.…

iPhone : Bro, don’t look to no damn rappers or celebrities for leadership right now, correct information is vital!

iPhone : We’re not looking for leadership. We’re looking for tangible contributions. Y’all can keep your hashtags, your videos, your PR statements. We want you all to either open your purse and show us that you opened it, or to get on the front lines and protect the less privileged.…

iPhone : We need the unarguable condemnation of systemic oppression. Yes, I absolutely want to see y’all say “fuck the police”. I absolutely want to see y’all providing any & all materials that protestors need. I absolutely want to see y’all paying bails. “We See You” isn’t enough.

iPhone : Brands, celebrities, non Blacks, etc;

“We See You” is not an activist statement.

Black people are currently, and have always been, at the apex of visibility. We know you see us. Even if you don’t want to. So that means nothing. Supporting us means, providing resources.

iPhone : To the black community:
We see you.
We stand in solidarity with you.
This can no longer be the status quo.

iPhone : This is very nice and I’m glad you acknowdedge the reason y’all exist. Now, it’s time to be actionable. Open your purse, and make a tangible contribution.…

iPhone : Hey pals! A couple of friends were having issues with their PayPal accounts and couldn’t send a donation today so they e-transferred me the money and i used my PayPal account in their honour. If anyone else is having the same issue, DM me and I can send over my email address

iPhone : Anyone else having this issue? My mom tried to donate to the Minnesota freedom fund, and George Floyd’s Gofundme and it wouldn’t let her use her PayPal credit to donate, so she had to use her Amex instead.…