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iPhone : This is a 1 of 1 Acrylic painting on 15″x19″ shaped wood by Nique.
1/4 inch plywood that was shaped with a jigsaw and sanded down, painted with acrylic and coated with varnish. Available for purchase on the site.

iPhone : another transgender woman was murdered yesterday in dallas. apparently in the past five years more transgender people have been killed in texas than in any other state. and dallas accounts for HALF of those deaths.

her name was Merci Mack. and she was 22.

iPhone : I added legally because there are recovering alcoholics that can legally drink but won’t and i am not opposed to dating someone once they have control of their addiction and I won’t be one to tempt them

iPhone : My rule is that if we can’t legally grab a drink together then I have no business being there…

iPhone : Megan Thee Pony ghostface🔪 OUI’D With a S/O I personally would at least check in at the end of the day just to make sure you’re good/let you know I’m good but not make it a conversation but if we aren’t an item and we just talk then you likely won’t hear from me until I’m done recharging

iPhone : ghostface🔪 OUI’D Megan Thee Pony I agree that some people will weaponize silence and that’s manipulative and also that time apart is not something everyone is comfortable with or can handle in a relationship
Like Megan said, it depends on the what compromise the two partners have with each other

iPhone : Megan Thee Pony ghostface🔪 I think it’s important to communicate if you need that. I would always tell all my roommates and close friends that I sometimes have recluse periods so that when it does happen they wouldn’t think it had anything to do with them. It’s def not fair to just dry ass ghost someone

iPhone : Megan Thee Pony ghostface🔪 It’s not even about being busy or manipulative but sometimes after consistently being social for days or weeks on end, some people just want a few days alone without having to talk to anyone, including people we like. Personally if I don’t get that time, i get irritable