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iPhone : Seano Maybe this is why his brain is fried and getting mixed signals about critical thought aka Thoughts that are critical.

iPhone : Well, those of you worried about Martial Law...your supreme leader just declared it.

iPhone : White people have appropriated MLK. Like black people cant even have a great leader without white people attempting to use him against them.

iPhone : Ronald Green Didn’t the us government do the same in the Middle East? Although they also killed thousands of people whilst destroying their houses all in the name of “freedom?”

iPhone : Genuine question. Evolution shows the story of Adam and Eve is a creation myth. People existed before Adam and Eve. What, then, is the ‘original sin’ that Jesus died for?

iPhone : If I see another white person use a Martin Luther King quote on peaceful protest they can go fuck themselves.

iPhone : Black people are protesting because they'd like to not die at the whims of police
White people are protesting cause they're bored at home and don't like wearing masks when they do venture out.
notice how much the treatment of the protesters contrasted with one another?