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Twitter Web App : go yujin should be grateful she was the only blurred girlie that got MORE exposure than the rest of them.....trifling ass heffa 🙄

Twitter Web App : to the orbits mad at bbc over this go yujin shite...tell me which loona member y'all wanted her to replace?

Twitter Web App : This was real....I thought that sour candy ad was an edit by a troll acc 😭😭…

Twitter Web App : trump supporters really share one brain cell, if you think a far-right org like project veritas wouldn't "expose" whatever dirt they may have before elections then you're all brain dead…

Twitter Web App : This Santana vs Caresha interaction 😭😭…

Twitter Web App : When the bts stans harass him for being right…

Twitter Web App : The engagement...should have tagged loon acc instead…

Twitter Web App : *jimin nodding*
*dr phil sighing sexily*
jimin: naur it's trew, it's trew

Twitter Web App : When jinsoul finds out she has covid antibodies

Twitter Web App : Trollbits turning this into who's next infected girl 😐…

Twitter Web App : kamala...…

Twitter Web App : "my wish is your command" JHSDGHTASDFAJHSDGASJDHASKJD…

Twitter Web App : Grammy
the weeknd: 0 nominations
katy perry: 0 nominations
selena gomez: 0 nominations
LOONA: 0 nominations
halsey: 0 nominations
nicki minaj: 0 nominations
miley cyrus: 0 nominations
rina sawayama: 0 nominations
Justin bieber: 3 nominations for a trash “Yummy” song 😐