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Android : Twt- Help KARD

I don't know who needs to hear this but KARD is in a very bad situation rn.
And kpop community is not at all aware of this. Apart from the financial crises they have been a victim of Korean saesang "fans"

Thread of all the horrible things happening with KARD-

Android : indians can sing english songs but white people can never sing classical indian music so they resort to making fun of it

Android : her beauty is unmatched

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Android : chlo exactly... whenever my white relatives visit us all my neighbors look at them like they have never seen any white person before i feel so awkward 😭

Android : 🎂#HappyXIAOJUNDay 🎂


#威神V #WayV #WeiShenV

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Android : xiao zhan getting all shy and covering his face as his ears turn red, a year ago today

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Android : #BAEKHYUN: sex money feels die

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Android : chlo it's like that everywhere in asia.. white ppl in my country get treated like celebrity by locals 💀

Android : Only Twice get dragged when this is tweeted 😭 replace it with any other group and nothing happens twitter.com/PRODARIANA/sta…

Android : kim jongin outdances each time

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Android : it takes years to learn classical Indian music and white people think its funny use this audio???

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Android : gabe i love the album overall... all the other songs in the album were better than the title track