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iPhone : Ubisoft's Forward event was today, and we rounded up the biggest news from the show right here. I'm most intrigued by Assassin's Creed Valhalla. I haven't played an Assassin's Creed game for maybe 10 years, so I'm thinking of giving Valhalla a shot.…

iPhone : Got to try out Watch Dogs Legion AND Assassins Creed Valhalla for a few hours each. Gameplay impressions here!……

iPhone : Androids notification channels are a very good way to handle different types of notifications from a single app - but would prefer stronger enforcement on them.

iPhone : In addition to clear and manage options on notifications, both iOS and Android need to add “Report.” Too many apps abuse their notification privileges and some of them I can’t just turn off because I do need their non-spam notifications.

Anyway hey Uber, Lyft: hate u plz stop.

iPhone : Seeing reviews that The Old Guard is a little bit formulaic but it seems like the formula is Charlize Theron hitting people in the face and so I’m going to watch it.

TweetDeck : I dunno maybe all these ideas about putting newsletters on the web are bad. Email must a much better solution for getting articles from writers I like.

Everybody loves email. It's so great. Email is the best and nobody complains about it.

TweetDeck : And then when all of these different newsletters are on the web and are linking to each other, there would be like this world of discourse. Like a sphere.

Maybe like a Web-log-o-spehere.

TweetDeck : And then everybody with a newsletter could post a list of their favorite Web-logs in the sidebar instead of constantly recommending them on Twitter. You know, roll them up.

i guess like a sort of Web-log-roll. Maybe there's a better word for that, too.

TweetDeck : All of these good newsletters, their archives are hard to find. I wish more of them had a better presence on the web so there's a log you could peruse or search.

A Web-log, if you will. Maybe there's a better word for that.

iPhone : Google: can’t figure out scrolling screen shots in Android 11

Apple: can’t set two timers at once in iOS 14

Sometimes I think both Android and iOS are built with twine and duct tape and could fall apart at any second.

iPhone : I am beside myself.

No literally I need a second me with a second iOS device to stand beside myself so I can set timers when I am cooking.

Twitter Web App : NEW: An Amazon spokesperson tells me that the email sent to employees today asking them to uninstall TikTok was "sent in error."

Story has been updated:…