Chris Baker Is it Wed, Thurs, or Friday? WTF? (@bakerhhhs )

Chris Baker Is it Wed, Thurs, or Friday? WTF?

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Twitter Web App : I cant tell you how proud I am of my #HHAandP #medical #anatomy #physiology students right now. They completed their second online case study this afternoon. A multi-systems trauma patient.



Twitter Web App : I’m just a poor, black, gay kid from North Philly.

I ran for office because folks like me on the margins are rarely (if ever) centered in our policy making.

My neighbors can’t afford an army of lobbyists. So no, I won’t shut up like some of the trolls in my mentions demand.

Twitter Web App : Having worn this thing for four hours straight and another hour before I can remove it for lunch, I’m somewhat less than sympathetic to complaints that wearing it for 45 minutes is intolerably uncomfortable, stifling, or soul-crushing.

Twitter Web App : The National Guard in Russia helps a family of ducks cross the road

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iPhone : Spoke with Mike Schultz who has gone viral for sharing a before/after photo of his six weeks in the hospital after contracting the coronavirus at the Miami Winter Party Festival…

iPhone : Fire + meat = dinner.

#OpenFireCooking #CastIronCooking

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