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Twitter Web App : Who should be on the Regina Thunder Mount Rushmore? HC Scott MacAulay has an opinion. Listen here: podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/gro…

Podbean Podcast : Check out my latest #podcast podbean.com/eau/pb-2jjf3-d… on #Podbean

Twitter Web App : Hey listen to this morning show! I listen every morning. I can't miss a show! twitter.com/chadisonair/st…

Twitter Web App : Cats can easily spread coronavirus. As if you didn't have enough reason to avoid visiting your Aunt Joan's apartment.

Twitter Web App : 29% of people are self-conscious about wearing a face mask. But think nothing of slapping Truck Nutz on their bumper. #COVID19

Twitter Web App : Mr. T turns 68 today
. . . At his age he no longer pities fools . . . he watches them all day on CNN,

Twitter Web App : Josh Shaw Bob Thomas yep only time and the caught a break because it was unseasonably warm..late November and early Dec isn't ftbl weather...If we really care about the players!

Twitter Web App : If the 2020 Grey Cup is played any later than the end of November it should be played in Vancouver or MTL in a dome..Football in Dec in Canada should be ruled out! #CFL

Twitter Web App : Just watched Dark Side of Ring. Martha Hart is amazing! Owen Hart seems like a superb person! Jim Ross did an incredible job of broadcasting! And Vince McMahon well..I'll run outta characters.. #OwenHart

Twitter Web App : Every year, we come up with more than 2,000 excuses to get out of doing stuff. The top three are "I'm too tired," "I can't afford it," and "That B**ch Carole Baskin!

Twitter Web App : Today is National Be a Millionaire Day. Unfortunately,You're too busy celebrating "I Wonder if My Landlord Will Waive the Rent Day." Again.

Twitter Web App : Scientists discovered an Earth-like planet in the middle of the galaxy. And within hours, it had already been stripped clean of Clorox Wipes.

Twitter Web App : Cher turns 74 today. She's now at an age where she calls every guy she knows, "Sonny."

Twitter Web App : Tom Brady organized a secret workout with several Buccaneer receivers yesterday at a private field in Tampa. Good to see that Brady can do things in secret other than getting equipment managers to deflate footballs.