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Android : Also, we provided students at STS school with a healthy lunch everyday when the school was open because the kids were malnourished.
They gained weight for 5-6 months and lost all of it in this lockdown.
Please donate for their daily lunch boxes which they can pick up from us.

Android : Today in “private schools are cesspools”:
in response to my sister’s objection to pay cuts, her coordinator reminded her “Islam commands slaves to obey their masters” 🤩

Android : These men are so desperate to have power over women’s lives and the benefits that being married to women bestows on them that they are insistent on pushing the lie that women lose desirability early in an attempt to scare women into accepting mediocre companionships.

Android : i didn't have my notebook and wrote my essay on a piece of paper v neatly and my urdu teacher tore the whole thing and humiliated me in front of the class¿¿ so pressed for What sis…

Android : i’m glad twitter is a thing i mean how else are we going to see all these horrible hot takes from the rich