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iPhone : elio they won’t fail if u conceptualise and ideate around the core frames available to the shifting maj(ority) of citizened-thinkers in your interface with the community minded message receivers 😌😌

iPhone : Weve produced a leaflet about the Home Offices plans for Royal Docks, what happens at an immigration enforcement centre and why we need to resist. Get in touch if youd like to support getting the word out! #OpposeWarehouseK

iPhone : We believe this vulnerable young man who has grown up in the UK has now been taken from his room to be put on the flight. This is a national disgrace. BALPA & Chema Alvarez it’s not too late…

iPhone : Tomorrow the Home Office will try to deport tens of people to Jamaica, taking them from their homes & families. The government claims that everyone booked on the flight is a ‘serious criminal’. But we need to reject the idea that ‘criminality’ justifies banishment. #StopThePlane

iPhone : Getting calls & messages from people being taken off #Jamaica50 flight last minute which is good but flight departure is scheduled 1am & looks to be an airfield in the South. #stoptheplane. Our heart goes out to all the families who may be torn apart tonight.

iPhone : Hi Chema Alvarez, a young man whose conviction is a result of his criminal exploitation and trafficking has just had guards come to his room to take him onto your flight this evening. This person is a victim of crime and has small children and a pregnant partner. #stoptheplane…

Twitter Web App : Lush admits donating thousands to anti-trans pressure group Woman's Place UK…

iPhone : Rebecca Roberts Jodie friend works in a proudly ‘no exclusions’ school...where u get put in a room on ur own for hours to days at a time as a form of punishment. They call it ‘inclusion’ 🙃

iPhone : “The demand by Palestinians for their right of return to the land from which they...were expelled cannot be construed as antisemitic. The fact that such a demand creates anxieties among Israelis does not prove that it is unjust, nor that it is antisemitic”…

iPhone : elio one woman more powerful than all of maths...the establishment couldn’t stand it. she said pi who? and she paid the price