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Bio Primary health care, inequalities, and reimagining the future. Works for @CPHCE_UNSW.
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iPhone : cmwlsn This is awesome - glad you’re still covering that beat, and hopefully it extends further.

iPhone : cmwlsn Is it still the case that quite a lot of these are bot-generated? I think it was an issue a few years back iirc, bots would scrape popular tweets with media, put these on a t-shirt and then flog them, seemingly without human intervention.

iPhone : Allen Cheng And perhaps the UK will no longer make public health the responsibility of their equivalent of local councils.

Twitter Web App : The harms of shisha use: An issue that isn't going away…

iPhone : dan nolan Any sufficiently advanced form of trolling is indistinguishable from sincerity, and this guy plays the ten-dimensional chess version of trolling.

iPhone : Paul Karp Paul, I’m glad that isolation hasn’t weakened your powers of pointless contrarianism. Stay well.

iPhone : Lucien Ey ed Perhaps not even that technically. In the Australian system the supervisor usually certifies that they think the thesis should be sent for marking and represents new knowledge, however that can be appealed by the student and it can be sent for marking without supervisor support.

iPhone : ed As someone who has a PhD I cannot say this often enough: it doesn’t mean anything much at all.