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Bio CEO of First Property Group plc, chairman of @brexitwatch5 and former @brexitparty_uk MEP for London region
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iPhone : Excellent point Austin. The same applies to all businesses. In turn, the same applies to countries. The sooner we get going, the better we will perform. First mover advantage.

Trust people’s common sense and open the economy.…

iPhone : Ben Habib Ben Habib on Brexit, Eurozone Debt, Trade, and Coronavirus.

Brexit Watchs exclusive interview the former MEP, businessman, and Brexiteer.

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iPhone : The headline could equally read: Durham Police conclude his trip to Barnard Castle not worthy of any further action or a fine.

A storm in a teacup.

Anyway it is high time to unlock. Get 🇬🇧 moving again in all respects.…

iPhone : If we have the kind of recession Rishi Sunak thinks were going to have... and they extend the wretched transition period... there will be a massive swing [away from the Tories].

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iPhone : Thankfully, were not part of the [Eurozone]... So we do have a central bank that can act genuinely as a central bank... and ensure our government doesnt default on its debt.

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iPhone : I thoroughly enjoyed my wide ranging chat with on the lockdown, how we economically recover from it, the opportunities open to the UK post Brexit etc. All vital subjects…

iPhone : Some normality returned to the papers today but make no mistake, the attack on Cummings was mainly an attack on Brexit. ⁦Brian Monteith⁩ joins the dots in his revealing article below.…

iPhone : Madeline Grant 🇭🇰 I am with you Madeline. Delighted to run. Reagan was a superb President.

It is also time to unlock the UK. We need all of us to be powering the UK forward. Not sitting on our hands. So a run is in order.

iPhone : UK property market: Ben Habib Ben Habib explains the impact of #Covid19. Full episode ➡️


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iPhone : Dear Michel,
The people to whom you've written below all lost the general election in the UK in Dec. They do not represent the Government of the United Kingdom.
Do please try to stop interfering in the sovereign affairs of your largest neighbouring country, there's a good chap.…

iPhone : How dare Michel Barnier write over the heads of our govt directly to opposition remain forces in the UK seeking to undermine Brexit? The man is a shocker.

End the transition period now. Get out immediately. Jettison EU regulations and payments. Free 🇬🇧…