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Twitter Web App : yes … ha ha ha … YES

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Twitter Web App : With more than 520,000 deaths in the U.S. and tens of millions struggling financially, it appears that Senate Democrats are trying to end women's sports.

(Am I doing this right?)…

Twitter Web App : Credit where it's due: I didn't think Biden would deliver on the "Kid Cages at 100% Capacity Amid Pandemic" campaign promise this quickly.

Twitter Web App : The first episode of Debunked is out now for DW members! Ben Shapiro breaks down what happens when you raise the minimum wage. Tune in for the 2nd episode later today! Get 25% off memberships with code: Debunked Join here:

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Twitter Web App : America wasn't founded on slavery.

America was founded on freedom.

Ben Shapiro breaks it down:…

Twitter Web App : There's a growing movement of character assassination, intimidation, & crushing of intellectual depth & diversity. I'm proud to be an advisor of a new organization that defends Enlightenment values & humane anti-racism. Join us. FAIR…

Twitter Web App : Psaki says America has to take care of the kids illegally coming to the U.S. because “they are fleeing prosecution”…

Twitter Web App : In New Dr. Seuss Book, Cat In The Hat Gives Kids Puberty Blockers While Their Mother Isn’t Home…

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Millionaire progressive socialist is actually the racist. (As usual.)…

Twitter Web App : right psychopaths and ghouls... ...defending the right to be racist...

alex goldman is... maybe a little unhinged. Someone ought to check his meds.

Twitter Web App : There is nothing egalitarian about lower intellectual standards in our schools. Children from more fortunate homes will get higher standards in those homes. It is the other children who most need some outside source of the things necessary to realize their potential.

Twitter Web App : In this piece, there is no mention of the science that proves the advantages of testosterone in human development for athletics. None. It would be good to know what the argument is actually about. But the MSM won’t mention it.…

Twitter Web App : Do you hear that sound? It’s every screenwriter in the world whispering a reverent “FUCK” under their breath. #WandaVision