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iPhone : ❌ Why am I NOT surprised...

❌ Primary Suspect in Shooting of Epstein Case Judge’s Family -
Found Dead...


iPhone : ❌I don’t want to hear the Soros/ #FakeNews writing this off as ANOTHER Coincidence.

it was a Clear Warning from an Anti-American MAFIA.

Fed. Judge's Son Shot Dead & Her Husband Critically Injured Days After Taking Epstein Finances Case…

iPhone : Doc Holliday Mark,
You are so right.
Keep praying for true Justice. I just keep thinking, Trump’s “Good FBI” are putting the puzzle together so when they bring in the real “Big” fish,,,
there will be so much evidence that these crooked Soros judges can’t even save them.

iPhone : Doc Holliday Exactly!.!.!
Why is a great question.
I wonder if Trump’s behind the scenes Wrath has anything to do with it. 😉

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iPhone : God doesn’t promise something and then change His mind. He doesn’t put a dream in your heart and then take it back. What He starts, He finishes.

iPhone : Abortion has killed more than 471K children in the U.S. this year alone. I pray that Nancy Pelosi & other leaders who have succumbed to pressure to support abortion will realize that abortion is murder. Precious lives are cut tragically short by what some like to call a choice.

iPhone : During a news conference this week, Nancy Pelosi was asked about reopening schools. She said, “My whole purpose in politics...Our children…” What about all of the children whose lives are taken by abortion which you support, Speaker Pelosi?…