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Twitter Web App : Simon Winter The manner in which you disagreed with me provides ample evidence that you're not au fait with that particular rule of the game. But you're right - this is beyond tedious. On that we can agree.

Twitter Web App : Simon Winter Well, you quite evidently don't understand them but apparently expect me to waste my time saying the same thing over and over again while you – with no little condescension – incorrectly tell me that I'm wrong.

Android : Simon Winter Intent and/or outcome are irrelevant. It was a foul and by the strict letter of the law it was a red card. I'm just repeating myself now, explaining laws of the game you seem unfamiliar with. That's fine but at least read them before arguing their finer points.

Android : Calling Alberta, British Colombia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Sasketchewan and Yukon. Don't let those Manitobans show you up!…

Twitter Web App : Simon Winter No, but a grown man landing studs first on your hand could break several very easily, which is why – according to strict letter of the law – what Bruno did was a red card offence. It would have been a very harsh red, but that's not the point here.

Android : Simon Winter Well mine is too but it's quite simple. An airborne object, in this case Fernandes, when subjected to the laws of gravity, lands with force. In this particular instance he landed with force on the shin of his opponent.

Twitter Web App : Simon Winter Both feet off the ground and came down with force on an opponents outstretched shin risking serious injury. Even if it was completely unintentional, by the strict letter of the law you seem completely unfamiliar with, that's a red card offence. Next.

Twitter Web App : Simon Winter I didn't call for him to be cancelled, I just pointed out that he committed a foul and got a penalty. Even as a Manchester United fan I'd say you'd struggle to point out any discrepancy in that fairly obvious statement. That's not an invitation to do so, I hasten to add. Seeya.