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Twitter Web App : Don't get me wrong—I think it was an *interesting* idea to put a malicious imbecile in charge of everything

Twitter Web App : Just imagining Trump unwinding after a long day of bullshit and logging on to Twitter as the Cheers theme plays in his head

Twitter Web App : I'm probably already misusing various tech terms, and it's only going to get worse. Ten years from now, when my kid is helping me set up my Glorp or whatever, he's going to be so exasperated with me

Twitter Web App : ed I just go through the browser on my phone, but you can limit whom you get notifications from, like just ppl you follow or follow you

Twitter Web App : Changing my notification settings freed me not only from rando pile-ons but also from any awareness of my tweets going viral, which I now assume they all have…

Twitter Web App : They'd have to erect some structure in my honor on Twitter's corporate campus. Maybe my embalmed body in plexiglass, a la Damien Hirst

Twitter Web App : If I could get in a simultaneous spat with Berenson, Bret Easton Ellis, Gorilla Man, and Dilbert Guy, my eternal Twitter fame would be guaranteed

Twitter Web App : Interesting. One of the floomer talking points has been that increases in suicides and other deaths of despair caused by "lockdowns" would dwarf the number of lives saved…

Twitter Web App : Ahh, so he died WITH a cop's full weight on his neck for 9 minutes, not OF it…

Twitter Web App : Whatever you think about artists addressing their "problematic" archives, it's simply inaccurate to act like these particular guys got bullied into it by the woke youngsters, and a writer whose whole thing is pop culture kinda ought to know basic stuff

Twitter Web App : I mean, they basically apologized for that in "Sure Shot" in 1994, but go on…