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iPhone : Empty threats & his limited actions. Typical at this stage of dementia. Society is pushing back on him. As he cracks physically, mentally & emotionally, here’s a tip:
Don’t give him power by fearing what he might do. Turn the screws. He’s the one who fears what’s happening to him

iPhone : She will fit right in. I can see what she will be bringing to the campaign, my only question is grams or ounces? In related news, Kudlow says he’s happy to go out and stump for Trump. Donald J. Trump…

iPhone : Zuckerberg had the balls to criticize Twitter for fact-checking Trump.
Meanwhile FB banned the accurate anti-Trump video “Mourning in America” Rubles are welcome. And he goes to CPAC. He’s working for the bad guys, folks #DeleteFacebook…

iPhone : Terrifying moments for a young Black man and his family in Texas, as numerous cops point guns on him and then assault his 90-year-old grandmother.

His alleged offense: rolling through a stop sign. ⁠

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iPhone : trump hates the American people, why else would he continue to endanger them, let them die so needlessly — all just to drive his narrative?

Trumps disdain for the American ppl is palpable

#MAGA2020 #KAG2020 #TrumpDeathToll100K

iPhone : Minneapolis police officer at center of George Floyd's death had history of prior complaints… via @nbcnews

iPhone : The executive order was a publicity stunt, meant to divert attention from COVID-19 deaths and stir up anger on the right against Twitter.

Trump’s executive order is toothless, but he continues to foster anti-First Amendment sentiment in a nation that was founded on free speech.…

iPhone : From insulin to hydroxychloroquine, tests to masks, disinfectant injections to interior lights, it's been a rough month for Trump and science.

iPhone : “The worst, most poorly structured program I’ve ever seen.” Less than 5% of Trump administration's $3 billion federal program to get food to Americans during covid-19 has gone to the northeast, the outbreak's epicenter. From Courtney Weaver:…

iPhone : george floyd rest in power being black cannot be a death sentence when will there be reform where are the good people where is strong transformative leadership what will it take daily videos of peoples babies being murdered a beating heart a mind a brother cousin dad friend son

iPhone : This list has so many great ways white people outraged by the persistent racism in this country can take actions, large and small, to help bring about change. Even just reading/sharing this is better than doing nothing.…

iPhone : ??
"Until more information is available about the dynamics of IgA detection in serum, testing for IgA antibodies is not recommended."…