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Twitter Web App : going on the record --

Play Ventures will be one of the best performing funds from this vintage. They are SOOO good (and under the radar)...

Twitter Web App : It’s here.

After months of building, the new, revamped, reimagined Generalist is ready. I can’t wait to show you.

Here’s what it means.

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iPhone : My main takeaway from this thread is that I’ve gotta work on my networking skills.

5 billionaires in a week?!?!…

iPhone : Sriram is absolutely brilliant.

I’m so excited for the launch of his YouTube channel. There’s been a massive opportunity for educational business content on YouTube.

This first episode with Mike Krieger (co-founder of Instagram) is fantastic.

Highly recommend!…

iPhone : Web Smith Dan Runcie Li Jin Trapital Barstool exceeded everyone’s expectations, including TCG. However, there’s no denying there was already a cult-like audience at that point. Stoolies were already a thing. Dave knew he had something valuable and wasn’t rushing to sell or find investors

TCG was the perfect partner

iPhone : Web Smith Li Jin Dan Runcie Trapital I can’t speak to Dan specifically because I don’t know his biz that well. Big fan of the pieces that I’ve read from him though.

I’d push back and say that Dave/Barstool always knew they had a cult-like audience that could scale massively.

iPhone : Web Smith Li Jin I don’t have a formal framework when I think about these things, but I often start with:
1. What is this creator known for?
2. How big is that market?
3. What products/services can be built in that market?

iPhone : Web Smith Li Jin It is all about the individual. Most content creators are (understandably) comfortable making a living from their normal content. Very few creators actually want to build something bigger.

iPhone : Web Smith We invested in Nadeshot and helped him incubate 100 Thieves.

We are open to investing in solo creators, if we believe there is an opportunity to build a venture scale business. However, those opportunities are quite rare.