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Twitter for iPad : Cameron Winklevoss Well when the so called president uses a service to lie to millions maybe they need to fact check what he says. Too many believe everything he says, like Soros was paying for the caravan to come here, then Soros got a pipe bomb in his mailbox. Act responsible & don’t lie!

Twitter for iPad : I’ll bet this bastard beats his wife & kids too. He needs to be charged & thrown in jail. Lets see how tough he is with men his size. What a SOB…

Twitter for iPad : For my future son in law and 3 of my grandchildren.…

Twitter for iPad : Something the damn press doesn’t seem to want to cover anymore.…

Twitter for iPad : Justin Miller Thats bullshit! They’re covering up the truth. Just like the ME who found a residual thumbprint that matched trump’s on the throat of his murdered pregnant assistant, then said it was inconclusive. Time to replace all these damn criminals.

Twitter for iPad : Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈 Don’t forget his rich assholes, & major corporations who no longer pay taxes thanks to him. They know he’s unfit but they dont care. As long as they stay rich, he’s ok. That’s y the Fed is putting money into the stock market, if that crashes they’d be looking for his head!

Twitter for iPad : Rep. Matt Gaetz Donald J. Trump Screw u, u lie, u cheat u rig elections, ur daddy got u off 7 DUIs & the murder of ur college roommate. Go away, ur not wanted anymore.
We know to be a Republican u must be a criminal. WE R DONE WITH U ALL