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SocialFlow : Academics, governments and nonprofits have been pushing to make research free and publicly available for decades. Covid-19 has given them a much stronger case

SocialFlow : A Boschian hellscape glued together with rat feces and tourist tears in the best of times, the MTA is now barely taking in revenue

SocialFlow : John Roberts’s latest ruling chisels away at the boundary between church and state

SocialFlow : Telling Americans that they are stupid for not wearing masks and excessively sociable is likely only to make the problem worse

SocialFlow : Congress must immediately help out the more than 21 million people who may not be able to make rent next month

SocialFlow : China wants to create its own JPMorgan Chase, but its biggest banks aren’t up to the job

SocialFlow : .Ramesh Ponnuru: The people of Louisiana may have voted for officials who enacted this law, but they can’t have it, Roberts says, because of a 2016 decision that a majority of the justices — including Roberts! — say was in error

SocialFlow : Americans simply won't give the court what it wants: to stop fighting over abortion

SocialFlow : After Covid-19, what happens with scientific communication? Will everything go back behind the journal paywalls?

SocialFlow : The Great Depression elevated the casserole to culinary stardom. What habits might stick from the Covid-19 pandemic?

SocialFlow : The Great Depression gave birth to a generation of penny-pinchers, but it created more subtle transformations as well

SocialFlow : Move over Churchill, Boris Johnson has a new hero: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

iPhone : Pew Poll: Those who previously approved of Trump and now disapprove are younger, lower income and "more likely to live in places hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak.” That was before full corona chaos hit swing states AZ and FL.… via Bloomberg Opinion

SocialFlow : ✔️Systemic racism keeps festering
✔️Infrastructure is crumbling
✔️Gun violence is relentless
✔️The social safety net is fraying

America's reputation as a land of opportunity is a joke under President Trump

SocialFlow : Postmates is no Grubhub, but it would be better than nothing for Uber Eats

SocialFlow : With Covid-19 shutting down offices, it was the first time that HP earned more from selling computers and workstation equipment than from its printing division, which focuses on business customers