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Twitter Web App : There are ~ 30,000 people watching this obscure board meeting in Michigan. Huge open-meetings energy right now.

Twitter Web App : Emily Bazelon One of the most revealing parts of this whole thing has been seeing just how primed people are to view every mistake as potential fraud. Do these people all work in jobs where they never make or even witness non-fraud mistakes?

Twitter Web App : Ahead of Michigan Board of Canvassers meeting, significant to note that unexplained discrepancies in Detroit equal about 440 ballots, maybe a bit more. That's out of 250,000 votes. Donald J. Trump & John James lost in the city by more than 200K each.

Twitter Web App : Norman Shinkle, the GOP board member who said he might not vote to certify, asks Thomas if they can delay. Thomas says: You have no authority to do an audit. You are mandated to certify when you have the complete results."What would you be waiting for?"…

Twitter Web App : This is significant:

The other GOP member just expressed a "duty" to certify the Michigan results, which — while a plain fact under the state's law — signals the end of the ballgame.…

Twitter Web App : One of Michigan's two Republican state canvass board members agrees that they have a legal "duty" to certify the election results as presented to them by the counties, but he'd like to hear public comments - hundreds of them - first.

Twitter Web App : All eyes have been on PA lately re: litigation, but cases are still going in Nevada — a judge is holding a hearing now in another case seeking a revote in Clark County (filed by GOP cong. candidate Daniel Rodimer) — raising similar issues the same judge rejected in another case

Twitter Web App : You can watch Michigan's Board of State Canvassers meet here:… (It hasn't started yet.)

iPhone : Why not also demand that the observers be allowed to re-check the photo IDs for each in-person voter? It is at least an equally plausible demand (in that it is not remotely plausible).

iPhone : New: leaked docs from inside Amazon’s Global Security Operations Center reveal company’s use of Pinkerton operatives—private intel—to spy on workers and the extensive monitoring of labor unions, environmental activists, and other social movements…

iPhone : Is the strategy here to demand the impossible and then hold up the fact that you didn’t get it as evidence that it’s all a scam?

iPhone : The ballots are not signed. They have been separated from the signed envelopes lest people’s votes be revealed. The Trump campaign is demanding that Georgia do something that is impossible to do.…