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iPhone : Nigerians are now finding hidden warehouse filled with MONTHS of COVID relief packages of food today smh . The government is corrupt Fr…

iPhone : Guys I can feel my son moving around inside of me now!!! He’s the coolest! Keep doing your thang little man 💪🏼

iPhone : i posted about a cat that has been in my backyard the last couple of days in the group page for my neighborhood... i really had ppl telling me not to let luna outside till i caught the cat... like its my fucking cat lmfao!!

iPhone : The older I get the more I realize how important it is to invest your energy and time in people that invest energy and time in you

iPhone : lebron in the playoffs over the past decade is totally nuts

2011: nba finals
2012: nba finals
2013: nba finals
2014: nba finals
2015: nba finals
2016: nba finals
2017: nba finals
2018: nba finals
2019: injured; team missed playoffs
2020: nba finals

how the fuck

iPhone : Hi! I asked the love of my life to marry me. She is my world, & I want to continue reminding her every day. So we carved some pumpkins together, & she carved me an accidental one armed ghost, & I carved some words that I was afraid to misspell, but luckily she was able to read it

iPhone : We deserve to be here. #WINNING

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iPhone : Absolutely incomprehensible to me that there are people who can just DO things. Like they think oh Im going to complete this task and then they?? just do it?? what the fuck???

iPhone : Carson was awake between 6-630 every day that I was off work... yesterday and today... sleeping past 7am. He is still sleeping. Come on dude🙄🙃

Android : Thomas Partey in the first half for Arsenal:

💯 100% aerials won
💯 100% tackle-success rate

He won more aerials and made more tackles than any other Arsenal player.

Android : green text bubble this green text bubble that have iphone users ever considered colorblindness or perhaps critical thinking skills

Twitter Web App : Good thing the U.S.military industrial complex is protecting us from Coronavirus.…

iPhone : i posted a video on my private story of me playing and singing a song from a long time ago that i’ve never finished....the perfectionist in me is TWITCHING.

iPhone : ياخي ما تشعر ؟ .. ما تفهم ؟ 🎼

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