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Twitter Web App : 1/ James Allen Smith was only supposed to be at a Texas prison for months to undergo a drug and alcohol rehab program.

Instead, he got the coronavirus and died in prison custody.

At least 84 Texas state prisoners have died after contracting the virus.

Twitter Web App : U.S. hospitals entered the pandemic unprepared to separate large numbers of contagious patients from those who arrived with other emergencies. The result was an inconsistent approach to isolating infectious patients as the virus took hold.…

Twitter Web App : This is the first July 4 on which we can actually see the end of America coming | Opinion…

Twitter Web App : Coronavirus herd immunity may be 'unachievable' after study suggests antibodies disappear after weeks in some people… via Business Insider

iPhone : Aerosols would explain how an indoor room full of people singing or talking would be a spreading event.

200 scientists warn we’re ignoring important evidence about how coronavirus spreads through air -…

Twitter Web App : We have issued a statement regarding the misuse of Native imagery at Bountiful High School and support the community efforts towards the mascots retirement. #changethename #utpol #NativeAmericans #HonorTheTreaties

Twitter Web App : Should be written into the Constitution that if you vote to acquit your party's president, you have to be at the next party national convention.…

Twitter Web App : Such a poorly worded headline. It should read that the man groomed and sexually abused this child. The girl was under age of consent.…

Twitter Web App : Reports of Mary Trump’s book so far seem just to confirm what we’ve all known for years: that Trump is a malignant narcissistic sociopath whose endless need for validation has sucked the entire world into his psychodrama.

A monstrously pathological kind of success story.

Twitter Web App : This is why I have to rally against telling any kind of trans person what they DON'T experience, because... chances are, some of us absolutely do. We need to find ways to talk about the experiences of different trans subgroups without erasing or denying those of others.