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death to cops and bootlickers

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iPhone : The officer here has stalked this woman, relentlessly asked this woman on dates, and has not left her alone for 9 YEARS. Let alone sexually assaulting her during this arrest?…

iPhone : Black Lives Matter day of action on College Street in Toronto right now.

#BlackLivesMatter Black Lives Matter — Toronto members are painting the message “Defund the Police” in bright pink paint outside of Toronto Police Headquarters. #CBC #torontopolice #BlackLivesMatter

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iPhone : This is Timothy Kieth Moore. He is covered in Nazi tattoos. He ran over and murdered a black man named Robert Forbes at a BLM protest in Bakersfield. He has not been arrested. Spread far and wide. Ruin his life.

iPhone : “YoU’Re RUinInG PeoPLE’s LiVeS”

No. Lives are SAVED when a bigoted person does not become a lawyer, doctor, judge, etc. We can no longer allow racists to hold any position of power.

iPhone : You already know 🙃 share it TF UP! We reopening ALL cases bitch until justice is served.…

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iPhone : Look at this cop forcing the weapon into the protesters hand to create cause.

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iPhone : WHAT?!

George Floyd and the police officer who killed him both worked as security at the same club as recently as last year? So they may have known each other?

What are the odds?…

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iPhone : they brought out the whole fucking force to protect a MURDERER, this is why we say fuck ALL cops. police lives don’t matter fuck every single one of these pigs.…