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Twitter Web App : Weve launched a new campaign: #StopTheStudentRipOff

Students are being ripped off, paying full fees for online courses while being locked up in their halls. We say: demand 30% off!

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Twitter Web App : 1000s of students have also signed expensive, long-term rental agreements fully expecting to be required to person

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Twitter Web App : 🔐 Locked inside accommodation
💷 Sky-high fees
📒 Shoddy learning experiences
⛔️ Unable to go home

Lockdown has destroyed the 2020 student experience.
Students, we want to hear your stories. Share them here:


Twitter Web App : It sounds like lockdown will not end on December 2nd as we will enter into strict regional restrictions.

We will be stuck with this until Easter unless the government changes approach.

Twitter Web App : Were launching a new campaign: #StopTheStudentRipOff!

Help us demand 30% off fees:

1✍️ Write to your Vice Chancellor, MP or local media
2👍 Pledge your support at
3📹 Record a short video

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Twitter Web App : "Reform UK's new ‘Stop The Student Rip-off’ campaign is calling on the Government for a 30 per cent reduction in student fees for this year"

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Twitter Web App : 🚨🎓 .Nigel Farage's new political party has launched its first campaign: a pledge to refund fees for students who have been kept under 'house arrest' by coronavirus…

Twitter Web App : Were launching a new campaign: #StopTheStudentRipOff!

Students are being ripped off with substandard online courses whilst being locked in halls and patrolled by Covid Marshalls. We say: demand 30% off!

Find out more & sign up at
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Twitter Web App : PLEASE must watch, brilliant by expert immunologist ⁦Yardley Yeadon⁩: some 50% now has T Cell immunity, SAGE unqualified, PCR test flawed, must stop mass testing, & lockdowns don’t work. Shocking negligence by Govt. Watch & share. YouTube censored!…

Twitter Web App : PPE and other suppliers with links to politicians were placed in a VIP High Priority Lane and were 10 times more likely to win contracts. The Government MUST publish full details of what firms were placed in this lane and by who.

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Twitter Web App : These mates of Tory MPs and ministers have literally creamed off the system. Its utterly appalling and I think itll come back to haunt this government. — Richard Tice

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Twitter Web App : 1 in 7 companies is on the verge of going out of business and we are heading for a double dip recession. Lockdown is doing huge and permanent damage to millions.

Twitter Web App : More chumocracy and cronyism.

While timeframes were short and competition was high, the prioritising of firms with connections has meant those with links to government figures have done very well out of this crisis.

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Twitter Web App : Chumocracy & cronyism at heart of Govt: this just tip of iceberg. Understand in height of crisis timescales shortened, decisions needed fast. Turns out we were not in this together. Tory mates = vast profits while rest of country pay. True patriots would have done at cost+

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Lateral Flow Tests, agreed by PHE as 99.7% accurate, show 80% fewer cases in Liverpool v. Govt standard PCR tests. First major comparison, shows whole Govt strategy possibly based on flawed data (as many been saying for months) Urgent statement please ⁦Matt Hancock

Twitter Web App : This is the beginning of the end for Boris Johnson’s premiership unless he changes tack very quickly.

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Twitter Web App : Christmas is an important time for families to get together. But under rules about numbers and households mixing indoors, gathering with your own family at Christmas could be a criminal offence.

Is this really what you voted for?

Get involved 👉

Twitter Web App : The PM came into contact with a Covid case on Thursday.

If he gets a swab test in the morning and is clear then there is absolutely no need to isolate for 14 days.

Get tested Boris Johnson, get back to work and Get Brexit Done.