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Twitter Web App : It's not just Trump. None of this - the 100,000 dead, the tens of millions unemployed, the social fabric shredded, the global reputation collapsed - would have happened without the full support of the Republican Party.

iPhone : Seems like the Social Network got it wrong in concluding that Zuckerberg wasn’t an asshole, he was just trying to be one. If you try hard enough, sometimes you succeed.

Twitter Web App : People who have all the power in politics, the economy, society, and the enforcement of the law are not the victims when some people protest. Even though they will use all that power to make you think that they are the victims.

Twitter Web App : Mark Zuckerberg profits off of leaders like Trump coming to power around the world. His capacity to profit from far-right nationalism, fear and hate is much more important to Facebook than truth, democracy and human rights.…

Twitter Web App : One of the many reasons this is so powerful is because it is so obvious. The dangerous reality is that this isn't obvious to everyone.…

Twitter Web App : 100,000+ lives lost across the country.
1,700,000+ confirmed U.S. cases.
40,000,000+ unemployment claims filed.

Donald Trump has failed our nation.

Twitter Web App : The cost of Republican inaction grows every day

Over 100,000 Americans have lost their lives

Over 40M have filed for unemployment

But Sen. McConnell & his conspiracy caucus are still more focused on peddling conspiracy theories to prop up Pres. Trump than on helping Americans

Twitter Web App : If Trump is so upset, there are a lot of things he could do about it, including not having a whole campaign strategy based on voter suppression and all of its historical echoes.…

Twitter Web App : A normal POTUS could:
Deliver online eulogy for victim from representative regions and vocations each week
Read to children
Set up mechanism for charitable giving to families who've lost loved ones
Visit DC small biz to model how to safely reopen
Short, daily, fact-based report…

iPhone : Remember it’s not just America - Zuckerberg and Facebook have ravaged countries around the world maximizing profit and serving as the junior partner for authoritarians.

iPhone : Facebook’s own research shows the platform is polarizing the country and driving people into extremists groups, but Zuckerberg is more worried about being called mean names by Trump.…

Twitter Web App : More than anything, Joe Biden knows how to bounce back from grief. He's the right person to help America do that right now.…

Twitter Web App : All of these nuclear escalations are a direct response to the Trump administration pulling out of the JCPOA and reimposing sanctions. This is a totally self-inflicted crisis.…

Twitter Web App : My #CNN crew and I getting pepper sprayed in #HongKong during the protests over #NationalSecurityLaw. Another #HongKongProtester arrested taking toll to over 240 today

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Twitter Web App : Another step by the Trump administration that will prompt Iran to expand its nuclear program.

Apparently the administration will stop at nothing to undo Barack Obama's legacy, even if it means undermining their own self-proclaimed objective…