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Android : —Jeffrey Toobin: Twitter is a private company. They have rules. Like Greyhound buses have rules. You cant stay on a Greyhound bus if you break the rules. Trump has broken the rules of Twitter ... and Twitter has done nothing but put out statements of corporate jibberish...

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Android : Twitter troll turned Office of the DNI Ric Grenell declassifies a bunch of information about Joe Biden and then leaves government to join the Trump campaign. That is a scandal not the made up Obamagate bullshit.…

TweetDeck : Trump doubles down on conspiracy theory about woman’s death, ignoring grieving widower’s plea for peace…

TweetDeck : He has wielded government power as a weapon against all three of the companies named here or their owners, and now promises more retaliation to come. It’s a scandal and a gross abuse of power.

TweetDeck : He has imposed a test to gauge tech platform and news outlet obeisance to him. Either they let his increasingly dangerous lied spread, or they try to set the record straight, in which case he alleges a conspiracy and threatens to sic Bill Barr on them.

Android : When all youve got to play is the even liberal election law expert Rick Hasen card....
Here is what I specifically wrote about that mail in ballot scandal in Paterson, NJ (

Android : Trump claims there wouldve 25 times more deaths in the US without him (that would be 2,500,000 deaths -- recall he was saying in late February that the virus would go away on its own without government intervention)

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Android : if twitter is unwilling to delete inaccurate tweets they could at the very least use the same requestor they employ for potentially sensitive content…

TweetDeck : 12-year old kid cautiously, calmly walking down the hill with a gigantic bear stalking him...

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TweetDeck : Twitter confirms to me that today is the first time any Trump tweets have been labeled as misleading by the platform.

In these (two) cases, Twitter says, Trump’s tweets were flagged for potentially misleading information about voting processes” and are labeled for context.

Android : Trump: "As long as I’m president you will always be protected on preexisting conditions."

The admin is actually part of a lawsuit to scrap Obamacare, which includes pre-ex condition protections. The suit will be decided post-election Susannah Luthi…

Android : BREAKING: The Department of Justice has filed a brief in federal court in support of Alabama's absentee ballot witness requirement.

This is an extraordinary step--even for this DOJ to take to undermine voting rights in 2020. Have they no shame?…

Android : Hard to decide which is more ridiculous: that Grenell had to resort to the Daily Caller for his capstone treatment, or that the Daily Caller would have us believe that “senior intelligence officials” touted Grenell’s “breaking” of the “deep state.”…

Android : Facebook executives have chosen to turn their platform be used as a right-wing propaganda network, because it's profitable. It's not clear to me why we should think of it much differently than Fox.

Android : There are many in the GOP power structure and pro-Trump media who have lost loved ones in unspeakable ways who would be gutted if the president spread malicious lies exploiting their tragedy.

And yet despite Mr. Klausutis’s pleas they sit silently.