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Twitter for iPad : Brittany A. Stone You make a lot of sense. I saw an Atlantic article that said we should have been treating public education as an essential service since March and put way more effort into making sure it succeeded somehow.

Twitter for iPad : Uh oh. This feels like the plan to play March Madness without fans.…

TweetDeck : If fully reopening means an additional 1 million deaths, I think everyone would agree that's an unbearable loss. If it meant 1 additional death, it's worth it. But where is the line?

TweetDeck : This is an important question (and one I raised months ago) that no one wants to answer for fear of appearing callous. What is the acceptable number of additional deaths to reopen the economy?…

TweetDeck : If you thought the summer slide created educational attainment and economic mobility issues, wait until you see the Covid slide if schools can't reopen.

TweetDeck : James D. Hogan I'm not even considering that. The social isolation, fear of contracting it, missed celebrations, uncertainty about the future is going to cause psychological scarring that will create huge mental health issues for our society.

TweetDeck : Remember when Trump was made that Charlotte was trying to curtail new infections by mandating containment measures, so he moved his convention speech to Jacksonville where they werent? Well, guess what.

Twitter for iPad : This is not a tweet diminishing the physical dangers of Covid-19.

I fear the psychological impacts on our society will be greater.

Twitter for iPad : If you look at Gary Johnson’s 2012 and 2016 vote, you’ll find about 400,000 GOP voters in WI, MI, PA and FL. If they had voted Democrat in ‘16, Hillary wins. That’s the target for these ads.…

Twitter for iPad : Katie McKiever It is apparently an easy issue for a lot of people. They just find out what Trump thinks and then one way or the other, they know their position.

Twitter for iPad : This is good grassroots lobbying advice for any topic. The tl;dr Simple message, target at decision makers, repeated a lot.…

Twitter for iPad : Colin Campbell Sent me down a quick rabbit (bear?) hole. Looks like this is pretty common in other states and used to track bear ages. WI provides a pictorial tutorial on how to harvest the tooth.…