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iPhone : If you are super quick on the twitter draw against random excesses on the Internet or the NBA or some celebrity but silent when American soldiers are targeted with bounties maybe sit the next one out.

iPhone : In the past 72 hours we've learned:

1. Trump knew Putin was hunting our soldiers.
2. Putin successfully killed our soldiers.
3. The Admin. knowingly sold faulty anti-body testing kits.
4. COVID-19 had its largest ever single day cases.
5. Trump tweeted a "white power" video.

iPhone : Im not sure it helps to namecheck another minority group, which is also targeted by the radical right (our Jewish friends) to make this point. This is Senate candidate John James this morning in a local TV interview.

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iPhone : I’m not making any specific accusations. But we should make sure this person doesn’t win a Senate seat. The bonus is that Gary Peters is excellent.……

Twitter Web App : BIG COVID19 NEWS. There is a cheap way, non pharmaceutical way to reduce transmission of this virus that doesn't require that anyone even go to the doctor. You just have to put a piece of cloth over your nose and mouth, and fasten it.

Twitter Web App : Don't put this scandal in the Trump-Russia category. Put this scandal in the American soldiers getting killed category.

Twitter Web App : The President's silence on the multiple scandals and the mass preventable death is deafening, and it cannot hold.

iPhone : This strikes me as a very good question. Either he already knew, in which case he’s lying, or his reaction to a story about bounties on American soldiers is a quick 18 .…

iPhone : Just to be extra careful this morning I asked my military/foreign policy staff if there is any context to this NYT story about bounties against American soldiers that makes it less explosive and damning and shocking. The answer was no.