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TweetDeck : Westminster voting intention:

CON: 42% (-2)
LAB: 38% (-)
LDEM: 8% (+1)
GRN: 5% (+1)

via @RedfieldWIlton, 01 Jul
Chgs. w/ 25 Jun…

TweetDeck : We now have a poll which puts Keir Starmer ahead of Boris Johnson on preference for Prime Minister. The same poll, however, puts the Tories ahead of Labour by 4pts.

Read this by BE's Ben Walker on the challenges still facing Labour here:……

Android : If a referendum were held today, Scotland would likely vote for independence.

Sunday reading from Britain Elects Co-Founder Ben Walker on how a decade of ineffective opposition to the SNP has hampered the unionist cause:…

TweetDeck : Data: Britain’s diversity is much more complex than it seems.

In London, most non-white neighbourhoods experience above average levels of deprivation.

Read this and more from BEs Ben Walker…

ft. excellent interactive from Josh Rayman

TweetDeck : The Conservatives are no longer the party of the rich while Labour is no longer the party of the poor. Both parties have inverted their traditional base of support. Our new JRF report on low-income voters is out today…

TweetDeck : On whether Keir Starmer looks like a Prime Minister in waiting

He does: 40%
He does not: 32%

On whether Labour is ready for government

Ready: 26%
Not ready: 51%

via YouGov, 06 - 08 Jun

Read BE's Ben Walker on the challenges still facing Labour:…

TweetDeck : Opinium) 's Twitter Profile">Opinium Do you agree that Boris Johnson/Keir Starmer...

Is trustworthy
Johnson: 29% (% who agree)
Starmer: 35%

Is competent
Johnson: 34%
Starmer: 43%

via Opinium) 's Twitter Profile">Opinium

Read BEs Ben Walker on the challenges still facing Labour:…