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Android : Look up and remember who did and said what during the last week of SUSHIs rise, and adjust your estimates of their credibility accordingly.…

Twitter Web App : Strong unions mean decent wages and a strong middle class.

Congress must make it easier for workers to join unions and engage in collective bargaining.

We must end the heavy-handed corporate tactics that prevent workers from unionizing.

iPhone : Congrats, MichaelSmithInc! Michael helped capture the warmth and comfort Id hope to create at the White House to transform it into a home where my family could simply be a family. That’s the magic of his work—he made sure our values and vision were reflected in every detail.…

iPhone : Today, we honor the generations of union workers who fought for the rights, power, wages, and benefits that built and sustained the great American middle class. #LaborDay

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TweetDeck : For years, President Trump and Republicans have waged a war on Americas labor unions.

It will end on my watch.

Ill sign the PRO Act — making it easier for workers to organize and collectively bargain — and be the strongest labor president workers have ever had.

iPhone : This #LaborDay2020 weekend, I’m fighting for workers on the frontlines of this pandemic. We still need an Essential Workers Bill of Rights to get workers the premium pay, safety protections, paid leave, and bargaining rights that they deserve.

Twitter Media Studio : As the pandemic still rages, essential workers—who are disproportionately Black, people of color, immigrants, women, and members of other marginalized communities—continue to sacrifice so much. Today, we pay tribute to them.

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Twitter for iPad : This #LaborDay, as we remember those who battled for fair wages and safe working conditions, we must recognize that our work is not over. The fight continues to ensure every worker in America has the rights, dignity and pay they deserve.

iPhone : The HEROES Act the House passed months ago covers several (but not all) of these points.

GOP Senators, pledging allegiance to Mitch McConnell, have intentionally sat on this bill & did nothing.

People are starving. Babies are sleeping on car floors. Where is the needed urgency?

Twitter Web App : Over generations, working people across America built the middle class and secured progress for hard-working families. House Democrats are unified in our commitment to America’s working families. Happy #LaborDay!

Twitter Web App : On #LaborDay, we honor those who fought to improve workers rights and recognize all the work that remains to be done to build an economy that works for all Americans:

Protecting the right to collectively bargain. Securing a livable wage. Equal pay for equal work.

iPhone : I am a 62 former forward. If I announce I identify as a girl, stonewall says its OK for me to smash full tilt into a female fly half who weighs 4 or 5 stone less than me. When she has a life changing spinal injury because of it, thats fine, because no ones feelings got hurt....…

Twitter Web App : LIVE - Triple Threat Challenge - Sports Edition…

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iPhone : This is a painting of my great great great’s been in my family for years...theres been many reproductions but the original is hanging in my mother’s living room