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iPhone : A lot of people want to pile on Noah. It’s easy. But who’s in his corner trying to help him become more aware of how his actions and words affect his career? Who is helping him deal with his dad being in prison? I’m just not interested in kicking people when they’re down.

iPhone : Not me crying again 😭 I’ve already had to say goodbye once I don’t wanna do it again dammit…

iPhone : Riddle me this. They are removing Dr. Seuss books yet we have music on the radio that drops the N word about 10 times in 30 seconds. Make it make sense. I honestly don’t get this society anymore

iPhone : I literally don’t understand how one thinks getting drunk every week is comedic.. like no you need help. The worst part is people try to help you but you shove them away.

iPhone : Brendan Keeler That’s fine and dandy but don’t trash my driver. You say that “just cause I don’t like your driver doesn’t mean we don’t have to be friends” but then talk mad shit about other drivers so that just fuels my fire to put out the flaws

iPhone : Brendan Keeler Idk why you’re acting all surprised, since when has Denny ever been a teammate. Like I said he’s not gonna let truex get the stage win when they are both racing for the points and a win. It’s just racing 🤷🏼‍♀️