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Android : im watching that 70's show here are my thoughts
-these hets got me invested
-i'm gonna hit kelso with my car
-i didn't think it was gonna be this racist
-i don't know why or what that says about me but my faves are red and kitty
-when the fuck are hyde and jackie getting together

Android : y’all be like “i love complex characters” but then hate on female characters for not being perfect, for making for one mistake, for crying, for wanting love, for being scared, being naive, being stubborn, being angry, complaining, being abused. it’s time to stop lying

Android : so okay, jared. maybe you're just "stating facts" but if you felt the need to state those facts to me after you found out i'm trans then you're a MORON and a TRANSPHOBE

Android : it's true, guys. trans people aren't biologically their gender. but neither are cis people. because gender is not a biological thing, it's made up. but you don't see cis women getting told "you're not biologically a woman:)" no, yall only say that shit to trans women