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Twitter Web App : Anna SirDSCM Wow. A twitter-first. Two people being reasonable to each other. Thank you both for being willing to hear each other out. It's refreshing to see.

iPhone : Sian✨ I don’t care about your hobbies.

Not once have I looked at a CV & thought “Oh neat! They play guitar on the weekends. They’ll be a perfect fit for this video game project.”

But it has had the opposite effect.

Hobbies are not your personality. But how you write is.

iPhone : Sian✨ A Resume sums the facts of your experience.
A Cover Letter gives color & context to those facts.

Answer: “Why am I (& my resume) interesting to Employer-X?” & sell that. Why are you uniquely suited for the job? Control the narrative of your CV. Make me want to know more.

iPhone : Sian✨ Keep it short & succinct.
Be clear in the position ur applying for.
Don’t be a fan.
Sell yourself as a professional that’s ready to work.
Be respectful & appreciative of your future employer’s time.
Don’t over-format or over-design.
Be confident, not cocky.
Good luck!

iPhone : Josh Scherr @ 🏠 iki But my remarks were more rooted in pessimism & the desire to strike where he’s most vulnerable: his fragile ego. I think there’s nothing he’d love more than to get dragged out & call out more deep state bullshit. But I agree - either way we have a systemic problem.

iPhone : Josh Scherr @ 🏠 iki I think we’re all in agreement there should be justice. But I’ll be impressed if any of it happens. Unfortunately the issue is so much deeper than just him. To me, he’s just a symptom. & I don’t know how to deal w that - other than what’s happened: we have a new Pres & Senate. 🤞

iPhone : Josh Scherr I don’t know. Yes the criminal-crook-crooked bastard needs to leave, but impeachment takes more time than he’s got left - & more importantly, it would just make him a martyr. Which would just fuel more true-believer bullshit from his followers. Make him walk out the loser he is.

iPhone : Youre a video game producer whos sim-shipped some PC & console games. You love narrative games but even more you love getting them shipped in great shape. You want to help make Open Roads and future Fullbright titles awesome! You click here:

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Twitter Web App : Sometimes I get so tired of our industry. This trailer gave me a little hope this morning. Now the next trick (we developers have to perform) is making it all come together. Which is like trying to fly a brick to the moon while performing Shakespeare. Godspeed Scavengers Studios.