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Android : A google search tells me Manulife has a horrible track record for paying benefits for mental illness. Doesnt matter how many Doctors signed a note. Its 2020. Its not supposed to be this way.
A broken leg would have been so much easier🥺🥺🥺 #SickNotWeak CBC Marketplace

iPhone : Help. Cain has runaway. We are out looking for him. Mundy Pond area. My car is broke down and any help would be appreciated. He has almost been hit. I’m terrified. 214-0754

Twitter Web App : CTV News It doesnt count unless you get an aging F1 driver without a crash helmet making a cool video. youtube.com/watch?v=PkkV1v…

Twitter Web App : A granddaughter of the late American preacher Billy Graham is calling out evangelical leaders who have stayed mum while President Donald Trump pursued policies that contradict the core tenets of Christianity. huffingtonpost.ca/entry/jerushah…

Twitter Web App : mask up Steve Bartlett My father had a lab/greyhound cross. He was over 18 when he died. Vet couldnt believe it for such a big dog. He never ate dog food either, only what my father ate. My fathers diet was pretty simple, meat/fish & vegetables with some grains - very little preservatives.

iPhone : My anxiety giving me the weekend off...

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iPhone : You all remember the cat I was going to steal from my aunt? lil jussy? He was afraid of muffins when we got here but now LOOK!!! They’re going to be besties in no time. Going to have to take him even if Justin is allergic.

Android : YOUR VOCM Hopefully that clues up the work on that section of old placentia road. Its been a snarl ever since the opening day of school. Who ever scheduled the work to start on a road adjacent to 4 schools, on opening day, needs to never plan another project.

iPhone : Astro Radio Z I couldn’t agree with you any more. More bad than good. I have made some amazing friends bc of social media, but I’ve also experienced some very bad things.

Android : Check it out. Great stuff. Got the vinyl ordered and looking forward to it big time. Gonna be a good one twitter.com/justinfancy/st…

Twitter Web App : And one other thing, adopt a pet! Rescue dogs, like Cain, will add excitement to your life. Good night. #rescuedog

Twitter Web App : Just a PS I support ranked ballots because of how the results ward oh no my window is down and now my car smells like that episode of seinfeld goes
But it is what it is

Twitter for iPad : Ghouly Zombie Who’s the operator I wonder? Or is this a competitor for Transocean? Not even sure what rigs are left in the area.

Twitter Web App : UNCLE GNARLEY: WAITING, WISHING, AND HOPING unclegnarley.blogspot.com/2020/10/waitin… #NLpoli

Twitter Web App : So proud of my friend Shawn Skinner tonight. It has always been a joy to work on his campaigns and I’m so glad I got the chance to work on this one with him. He is going to make a great addition to St John’s city hall.

Twitter Web App : 😚💨Deuce✌☺ Who knows they got it rough when youre a kid. It just is! I had a huge paper route that took hours to deliver. I froze my feet so bad one time I took the crummy boots off and finished the papers in my socks. Edmonton can get pretty cold. Hate hearing how privileged I was!

Buffer : Also being a big fan of blaxploitation films of the 1970s – I actually co-wrote a book on them – I realized the potential for a book with this theme. -Andy Rausch

#NOIR #Revenge #CrimeFiction


iPhone : Never forget that time world leaders realized Trump signed in their spots.

The world is laughing at us.

Please vote. #vote

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iPhone : RT to cleanse your timeline

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Android : Gillian Pearson Oh no😳
1. Getting strapped by the nun/ sister (on day 4 or 5) and being saucy enough to laugh under my arm looking at my buddy with my head on the desk acting like I was crying.
2. Brother in grade 3 brakes his arm in the girls half of the schoolyard. Big no no.
3. Bean bags

Twitter Web App : This UK Government are trying to take the electorate for fools. Just be honest, you are threatening no deal which would be a disaster for all of us. twitter.com/tomswarbrick1/…

iPhone : “I want to thank the residents of Ward 2 for showing their confidence in me again 27 or so years later, Shawn Skinner told The Telegram shortly after the city released the unofficial byelection results Tuesday night.

#sjpoli #nlpoli