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Android : She πŸ‘‡ is FURIOUS 😑😑😑

Thugs Destroyed Her Store!!

You Says Black Lives Matter, Why don’t you choke me, I am Black!

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Android : John Snow #channel4news getting owned.
Typical of #channel 4 biased news & typical of John Snow who’s an absolute twunt!

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Android : (((Dan Hodges))) That's a silly analogy you're not having a good day today I think, more like insisting airlines remove a few seats or make passengers sit far apart, which is admittedly onerous

Android : How else does one protest about some ex con you never met dying during a violent arrest except by looting trainers? Anyone who thinks this isn’t an acceptable form of protest is most likely a racist.…

Android : Imagine wanting to open a factory to manufacture & sell widgets solely into the UK market, but you have to comply with EU rules when UK isn't in the EU & you don't want to sell into the EU's "single market"
That's why UK must not adhere as a country to EU rules & ECJ jurisdiction

Android : If you want to understand what has gone wrong in the West, read this thread. The left's hatred of all things western & their domination of culture & education is our single biggest risk & challenge.…

Android : As black people we will never progress until the politicians who love to play division politics by pretending to be on our side are out.

The Joe Bidens, Ian Blackford, David Lammy and many more.

They’re making us hate one another and we’re falling for it. #BlackLivesMatter