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Android : if you want to hear it early, dm me proof of you donating to a black lives matter movement, a protester bail fund, or any charity of your choice and ill send u a link to the song, black lives matter <33

Android : there are way more important things than music rn and i dont want to block out any black voices with promotion as it is so wrong. black lives matter way more than your 'brand'. as a result, I'll be pushing my next song release back to june 12th.

Android : how cops look smashing up their own vehicles and blaming it on protesters

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Android : almost every artist i know has been donating money and showing up to protest, maybe instead of a “music industry blackout” the industry can acknowledge that if they siphoned less money from artists, there would be more money flowing to bail funds right now

Android : genuinely looking to be educated here if anyone is able to help me out, im just not really understanding

Android : what will black out tuesday actually do? should we not be more vocal and keep spreading awareness? genuinely curious as a musician since all these music platforms are logging off, can you not use this day to talk more about it?

Android : Everyone Shut up.

I don't normally share my thoughts on important topics because I hate confrontation, but y'all have irritated me to the point of vocality.

Want to amplify black voices? Then listen to me. You better fucking share this.

This is going to be a long ass thread

Android : A message for anyone on the fence now:
- You don't have to throw a brick.
- You don't have to cheer on the brick-throwing.
- But if you spend your energy condemning that act instead of the police violence that sparked it, you've already chosen a side, and it's not the right one.

Android : you’d be hard pressed to find a Scottish person who hasn’t grown up in a family/area where racial slurs are normalised. folk are so quick to say it’s “a generational” thing - IT STILL HAPPENS. I dunno what planet some are living on if they think Scotland isn’t a racist country.

Android : I JUST FINISHED WATCHIN THIS FB LIVE IN DOWNTOWN SD!!! They already deleted the live holy shit

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